jonathan I’ve been passionately flying around the world as a journalist for quite a few years now. My pictures and articles were published in travel magazines and newspapers like Goodbye, VAB MagazineBo-Magazine, Spitsnieuws, BBT Online, Grande, Ultimo, Metro, Reishonger and Literaire Toerist. Pictures I made also appeared in Gazet van Antwerpen, Het Laatste Nieuws, Le SoirKnack Weekend and De Tijd. I drank tea with the Tuareg in Timbuktu, visited Hemingway’s room in Havana, saw the polar light dance above the Lofoten Islands and got terribly lost in massive cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Delhi.

From the start, I made all of the pictures to go with my stories. Soon after, I started shooting events and portraits as well. Since 2014, I work as a photographer for the city of Antwerp, making pictures for all of their communication channels and publications. In 2015, I started doing the same for the University of Antwerp.

In June 2015 I started a project called Faces of Antwerp. Based on the wonderful blog Humans of New York  by Brandon Stanton, I make one random street portrait every day. They come with a small interview about the subject’s life/thoughts. You can find all of them on my Facebook pages: &

In 2018, I started a Trot Op!: a funny, different and in your face travel blog about the quirkier sides of certain destinations. On it, I ramble about both far away countries and obscure little Belgian towns. Check it out here:

In a previous life, I graduated from the University of Antwerp as a Master in Strategic Communication, International Relations and Visual Studies. When I’m not making pictures or articles, I work as a copywriter and a creative writer. I write newsletters and texts for advertising agencies and I made sketches, jokes and songs for Radio 2 and more recently for 2BE.

If you have any questions, requests or interesting proposals, send me a message via the contact form, or via